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El 2010 se fue, trayendo un nuevo año. Personalmente, les traigo un recuento de lo que fue mi año en some bits and pieces.

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Académicamente no fue my best year. Actually, it was the worst. Pero me lo tomé con soda dentro de todo, porque al fin y al cabo nadie puede obligarme a hacer o no hacer algo más que yo. Lo que sí rescato son los compañeros con quienes cursé y el haber podido aprender y comprender mejor los temas. This year, me lo voy a tomar con más calma y trataré de ser más organizada y responsable. Who knows, may be I'll get my degree before 2020! xD

En lo que respecta al trabajo, it completely sucked. Thanks the heavens I'm on holidays now and won't be coming back to that awfully disorganised company. Si todo se da y sale bien, en Febrero empiezo un nuevo trabajo y no estaré de paro por mucho tiempo.

Then, my social life was great. Between movies [Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland, Eclipse (?!), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (♥♥♥), etc.] and musicals (Despertar de Primavera [Spring Awakening] & Sweeney Todd), gigs (COLDPLAY ♥♥♥ & Norah Jones), coffees at Starbucks, dinners, lunches, teas (!), I got to keep in touch with all of my friends and reconnect with some I hadn't seen or head of in a long time.

Para terminar el post 2010, les dejo debajo del cut los regalos que me trajo Santa :) So be free to "Aww" and envy (?) my presents xD

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I hope you had a wonderful beginning of year!
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Hello, my darlings! I've been spamming your F-List this week for no other reason than my boredom.

Work is pure routine and either way I've got tired enought of it that I'm quitting next week. YAY! I'll be unemployed for the whole of Febraury and I WILL enjoy it because... well... I want to. I could have very well started looking for another job, but I so dearly need a break from responsibilities that I'm willing to risk my financial safety for it.

So, those are the news from my RL.

Moving on to our next topic, this week I've received two lovely post-cards that I'm assuming are from [livejournal.com profile] fangirlyness, as they come from Australia. Thank you so much, girl! I like them a lot! I got oh-so excited. *.*

Keeping with the random, I have a new crush.

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His name is Jesse Williams and he is HOTNESS EVERYWHERE. Also, I like his role on Grey's Anatomy. And his skin colour. And his eyes. And his body. *drools*

On Wednesday, I've finished reading the His Dark Materials trilogy, by Philip Pullman.

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I highly recommend His Dark Materials trilogy. Lyra, Will, Roger, Iorek Byrnison, Serafina Pekkala, Lee Scoresby, Pantalaimon, Mary Malone, even Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel are going to capture your hearts.
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No updates in a long time. I haven't had time to comment on your LJs, sorry!

It's 23.01 here, I should be at home by now... BUT NO!!!

I'M STUCK AT F****** WORK!!!

The world hates me. To top it all, today's my mum's birthday and I might not get home for the singing and cake-ing. *is super mad and sad*
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This week I went back to work after spending 10 days in the beach with my family; relaxing, enjoying the sun, the sea, the wind, the nights.

All the days were sunny and not very hot. They were trully enjoyable and I got to spend more time with my whole family, specially with my sister. It had passed a long time since we went on holidays the four of us together, so they were like extra-special holidays. I had a really good time there.

Sadly, they had to finish and so they did.


Work, currently, is HELLISH. The phones won't stop ringing!!! I know I work at a call center, but this time of the year is the worst of all. What with being holidays time, people leaving for good, being summer... It seems as if I hadn't rested at all after just five days back! >.<



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