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Tras mucho debatir, y habiendo finalmente en tiempo para hacerlo, aquí está mi lista de Navidad.

Haz una entrada (abierta, FO, filtrada... lo que te venga mejor) en tu LJ. El post debe contener una lista de10 Deseos de Navidad. Los deseos pueden ser cualquier cosa, desde algo sencillo y relacionado con el fandom (Me gustaría un icono Ron/Hermione que sea sólo para mi), algo intermedio (me gustaría el DVD de ---); a algo realmente gordo (pues para Navidad quiero un coche nuevo/portátil/casa/tele; un viaje a las Seychelles). Lo más importante es que estés segura/o de que son las cosas que de verdad quieres.
Si lo que deseas son cosas (no historias o iconos), asegúrate de que incluyes alguna forma de contacto en tu post, ya sea tu dirección postal o un email donde los Reyes (o sus pajes) pueden ponerse en contacto contigo.


Entra en la f-list (o en la f-list de tu f-list) para ver si alguien ha publicado esta entrada. Y lo más importante: Si ves un deseo que sabes que puedes conceder y tienes toda la intención, haz que se cumpla ese deseo a esa persona.
Make an entry (open, FO, filtered… however it works better for you) at your LJ. The post should have a list of 10 Christmas Wishes. The wishes can be anything, from something simple and fandom related (I’d like a Ron/Hermione icon just for me); something intermediate (I’d like a DVD of…); or something really big (Well, for Christmas I’d like a new car/a laptop/house/TV set; a trip to the Seychelles Islands). The most important thing is that you are sure that those are the things you really want.
If what you want are actual things (non-fiction or icons), make sure you include some way of contact in your post, such as your mail address or an email where the Fairies (or Santa’s helpers) can get in touch with you.

Go to your f-list (or you f-list’s f-list) to check if anybody else has posted this entry. And last but not least: If you see a wish that you know you are going to be able come true and have the intention of accomplish it, make that person wish come true.

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So there. En esta comunidad pueden encontrar mas listas: [livejournal.com profile] listadefiestas


Aug. 2nd, 2008 02:08 am
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Today I spent an hour looking at the available layouts @ LJ.

I ended up choosing the one I already had. *sighs*

Luckily, I was able to figure out what was what and could change some of the link's name... or rather I was able to come up with something it really suit my idea for this LJ.

If anyone of you know of any community of Layouts, please point them out!

On another note, I just saw Kung Fu Panda. Went to the movies with my lil' sis (it had been over two years since we went together), ate at Burger King (I feel a stone in my stomach) and enjoyed the movie very-very much.
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Sera que se esta volviendo costumbre en mi postear uno en castellano, otro en ingles? Y siempre desde un teclado donde no estan todas las teclas necesarias para escribir debidamente en castellano... Ah... Sera porque cada vez que me dan ganas de postear Penny (mi desktop TODO configurado en CASTELLANO) esta siendo utilizada por otra persona? O sera porque con Dyna (mi laptos TODO configurado en JAPONES) es mas facil navegar y procesar informacion? Preguntas... preguntas...


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I feel like I go totally MIA for short periods of time, and when I come back it's like WHAM!... And so many new things are surrounding me that I can take it all and I start feeling I won't make it... But then I calm down and think and things are not complicated or hard anymore, and realize it's just a matter of time.

Today I learned again you cannot fullfil every body's expectations, and that things that make you happy and feel good are the reasons why people look down at you. I felt like... "Shit! This is my fucking Life!" So what one should do? Be good at the eyes of the others or feel OK with oneself? Is it possible for both to go together?

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