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  • Title: Lost but not Forgotten

  • Characters Will Parry, Elaine Parry

  • Rating: G

  • Word count: 200

  • Spoilers: The Subtle Knife & The Amber Spyglass

When his mother sees him again, she hugs him as though she wouldn’t ever let him go. Will returns her embrace; he needs it as much as her.

Elaine takes his face between her hands and peppers it with kisses; then she holds his hands and stares at them. She notices that two fingers are missing, but doesn’t comment on it –she understands they have been lost as part of a sacrifice.

Elaine looks at her son while he settles matters with the lady that had been taking care of hem. He has grown up, he has become an adult in the time he was gone.

On their way back home, she doesn’t ask questions nor does Will speak. They don’t have to; the silence already speaks volumes.

That night she mourns the loss of her husband, and also of her child.

The following morning, Will tells her about his adventure. The day passes and when he reaches the end, a nostalgic smile settles in his mouth.

She understands that smile and that look, as she’s seen them on her own face several times. They speak of a love found and lost, of a love that will never be forgotten.


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