Feb. 22nd, 2011

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Probably most of you must be already aware of what's going on in Libya. The situation was made known to me not through TV nor Newspapers, it was actually the Internet that brought the situation to my attention.

If you still don't know what's going on, here's a briefing of the happening till now:

"Inspired by pro-democracy uprisings across the Arab world, Libyan dissidents had planned a "day of rage" for Thursday, Feb. 17. On February 15, security forces arrested a prominent lawyer named Fathi Terbil, who had represented families of some of the 1,200 prisoners massacred by Libyan security forces at Abu Slim prison in 1996. Once released later that day, Terbil set up a webcam overlooking Benghazi’s main square, where some of the families had been protesting. With help from exiled Libyans in Canada and around the world, the video spread rapidly on the Internet.

Al Jazeera Arabic conducted a phone interview with Libyan novelist Idris al-Mesmari, who reported that police were shooting at protesters—and then the connection was lost. (Mesmari was reportedly arrested by Libyan authorities.) Shortly thereafter, thousands more began battling Qaddafi's troops, and hundreds are reported to have been killed. "Both protesters and the security forces have reason to believe that backing down will likely mean their ultimate death or imprisonment," says the New York Times."

The source is this one. It's a really comprehensive article about the ongoings in Libya and has detailed info. Please, it's just a click and no more than 5 minutes off your fandom time.

I'm not very good with words but I feel this is just awful. People who want their freedom are being brutalized, soldiers who refuse to shoot their own are being killed, others are being buried alive, women are raped, and a whole country is being repressed and slaughtered.

Here's a petition for the UN to intervene. It takes less than 30 seconds to complete it and you can help by just filling the spaces required. PLEASE SIGN!

Do not turn a blind eye on this. We might be faraway and unable to do much, but what little you can do or give it'll be worth it. Make your friends, family, acquaintances aware of this. The Libyan Government is shutting down communication, not allowing journalists and reporters to cover the revolutions and their ungodly actions. SPREAD THE WORD!

My thoughts to those fighting for their freedom in Libya and to those who's been hit by the earthquake in New Zealand.


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